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3 Steps to Optimise a Campaign on Vubio Platform

Optimising advertising campaigns is a must-do for every media buyer. In this short article we’re going to explain how to optimise a campaign on Vubio Platform.

Step 1 – Set up tracking

Media buying is all about data. It’s important to run campaigns with a Tracker or to Setup Campaign Tracking on your Vubio Platform. This is essential as we will look at our campaign’s data later on to optimise it.

Step 2 – Set up your campaign 

In the first phase of running a campaign we want to get as much data as we can – the more data we gather the better we can optimise our campaigns. We recommend to loosen your targeting options a little and to start your campaign with a low bid (min $0.20 CPM).

Step 3 – Optimise!

We now assume your campaign has received enough clicks to proceed with optimisation.  What we want to do now is go through the data we’ve gathered and see which Placements or any specific targeting spec have performed the best. Example: if you were targeting an Android app install and noticed some OS versions converting better than others, simply log into Vubio and only target those. The same goes for Placements, you can edit your campaigns and either whitelist the best performing placements or blacklist the bad ones.

Should you need any help with optimisation, your account manager is always there to help you.



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