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Clicks Discrepancy in Pop Traffic

Clicks discrepancy is no secret in the industry. The main cause of this issue is mostly user related: a user may close the pop browser window instantly or even worse the connection speed is very slow to load the advertiser landing page.

In the industry we see an average of 5% to 15% clicks discrepancy in pop traffic but it may depend on a few things: User’s GEO & User’s Connection Speed but also on you, advertiser.

Here are a few tips to optimise your landing page’s load speed:

  • Avoid shared web hosting for your landing pages
  • Use a CDN service for your static files. Ex. (Amazon S3 Buckets)
  • Keep your landing page as light as possible
  • Use a load balancer

If you see a higher discrepancy rate than 5/10% contact our support team at or simply email your account manager. We would be happy to help you optimise your landing page!


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