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Vubio’s URL Variables and Macros

Segmentation is the mother of all campaign optimisation.¬†That’s an extreme statement, but we believe anyone in the field would think twice before disagreeing with it. Segmentation enables us to understand who are our customers and how different groups of people convert. Below you can find all the variables Vubio can pass to your URL:

  • {cid}

This is the unique click id generated by our platform. This is generally used to track your campaigns within our platform. Click here to learn more.

  • {placement}

The placement ID is the unique ID of the website where the user came from while clicking on your ad.

  • {inventory}

The inventory ID is the unique ID of the website inventory/source. This is extremely useful when optimising a campaign.

  • {campaign_id}

The is the the campaign ID assigned to your Vubio campaign.


Should you have any question, your account manager is always there to help you. Simply log into your account and click on the support tab to ask for help.


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